Stone Dam Partnership

The Stone Dam Partnership is an association of Richmonders who feel privileged to live, work and play in the regional Community of Richmond and are committed to an active role in shaping a positive future for their home community.  In particular, Stone Dam Partners share a common pride and appreciation for the power of Richmond’s historic resume, centered in Shockoe Valley and the East End since the 1607 “discovery” by English settlers.  Partners are keenly aware that the land known as Shockoe, especially its intersection with the James River, has witnessed many of the most important events in both our community’s history and our nation’s history.  Partners also recognize Shockoe’s direct connection to the economic and social evolution of our region, our Commonwealth, and our nation.  Partners are Richmonders from the City and across the region who are taking personal responsibility to assure that our Community of Richmond, centered in Shockoe, continues to improve its overall quality of life and continues to play a critical role in our country’s development.

The name of Shockoe, or Shacco, has been determined to be the name for stone dams built to catch fish at the falls of the James River by the indigenous population before 1607, and by the natives and settlers for many years thereafter.  The Partnership honors the name Shockoe as a connection between the original world of the Native Americans and all that has happened since the English arrived.  Partners, like the individual pieces of shale stone in the James, will be assembled by the Partnership into a connected force that enhances the quality of life in our community.  The Partnership is building on the unique and multidimensional history represented in the name Shockoe by leveraging the power of Richmond’s past to provide a sound economic and social foundation for Richmond’s continued growth and prosperity for the foreseeable future.

Stone Dam Partnership – The Ultimate Objective

All aspects of the Partnership are governed by an overarching Ultimate Objective of recognizing the regional Community of Richmond Virginia as the most influential and historic community in America and shaping Richmond to be quite literally the best place in the world to live, work, play and visit.  The Partnership believes achieving the ultimate objective involves positioning Shockoe and the East End once again as the epicenter of economic, social and spiritual growth for the Community of Richmond.  While Partners will have a myriad of personal and business reasons for joining the Partnership, individually and collectively they believe in the power of our Community of Richmond and have agreed to participate in the Partnership’s pursuit of this ultimate objective.

Stone Dam Partnership – Description

Coordinated by Replenish Richmond LLC, the Partnership acts as a hub of people-based community development activity in the Community of Richmond, which is considered to be the footprint of the Richmond Regional Planning District Commission, with Shockoe as its geographic center as well as its spiritual heart and soul.  The 2010 census tells us that more than 1,000,000 Richmonders live in our Community of Richmond and Replenish Richmond is connecting with a growing number of them as Stone Dam Partners – people and organizations willing to invest in their personal future and their community’s future through collaboration with the Partnership.  Partners are asked to make a Resolution for Richmond and to support that resolution with an annual time, financial and information investment in the Partnership.  Replenish Richmond recognizes that at work and in their private lives, Partners are involved in a variety of programs, projects and other activities that collectively represent a complex web of community engagement.  Through intention, proactive communication and effective information transfer, Replenish Richmond is coordinating and connecting the various Partner interests and activities, allowing Partners to complement and supplement each others work while reducing duplication of effort.

Stone Dam Partnership – The Plan to Achieve the Ultimate Objective

The Partnership employs a new state of consciousness related to the economic, social and spiritual development of Shockoe, the East End, and the entire Community of Richmond by returning control of the process back to the citizens and stakeholders, where it belongs.  The Partnership derives its power from two important energy sources:

1)  The Partnership’s growing collection of Stone Dam Partners representing all subsets of the residents, businesses and other stakeholders of the regional Community of Richmond and beyond.

2)  Rick Tatnall’s collaboration expertise and unique awareness of the Community of Richmond, supported by Replenish Richmond’s up-to-date database of Richmond related information gathered from Partners, government agencies, businesses, media, non-profit and community development organizations, educational institutions, and other individuals and entities invested and involved in our Community of Richmond – a database that is second to none.

While the Partnership is blazing a new trail with people-based community development, its efforts are closely aligned to the goals and objectives of six important City and Richmond regional community action plans:

  • The City of Richmond Downtown Master Plan, adopted by Richmond City Council in 2008
  • The City of Richmond Riverfront Plan, adopted by Richmond City Council in 2012
  • The City of Richmond Anti-Poverty Commission Report, presented in January 2013
  • The Capital Region Collaborative Strategy Blueprint, presented in October 2013
  • The Richmond Regional Planning District Commission Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, released in July 2014
  • The Richmond’s Future Final Report, presented in the fall of 2015

The Partnership’s plan to achieve the ultimate objective starts with the establishment of a firm foundation for success with four Partnership Initiatives, each with a primary focus on Richmond’s East End, with Shockoe as the epicenter.  Replenish Richmond will intersect these initiatives and their related projects with individual Partner interests and resolutions whenever possible.

  • East End Community Collaboration (eecc) – A membership organization open to individuals, families and organizations that consider themselves to be stakeholders in our East End Community of Richmond and Henrico.  The East End Community Collaboration is inspiring and incentivizing an involved and connected citizenry who commit to a consistent and coordinated level of time support to their East End community.
  • Richmond Institute of Sustainability – A virtual institution overseeing the development and implementation of a Plan of Sustainability for the Community of Richmond.  The Institute will act as a collection point for data and other information related to the sustainable efforts of the region’s governments and other societal subsets, and will use this information to formulate and initiate a comprehensive plan of sustainability from a regional perspective.
  • RVA Green Team – Investing and involving Richmonders, with special emphasis on our youth, to become environmental stewards by incorporating constant consideration of our natural environment in their everyday activities and decisions.  The RVA Green Team is building on successful ideas like its Recycling is Magic program, started at Richmond’s George Mason Elementary School, and is opening doors to a greener world and economy with projects like the MLK Middle School Urban Agriculture Center.
  • Richmonds of the WorldConnecting the regional community of Richmond to the 90 other communities around the world named Richmond with the goal of using these connections to the global community of Richmond to enhance the quality of life right here in the RVA.

Becoming a Partner in the Stone Dam Partnership

Officially the Stone Dam Partnership is a collection of individual community investment contracts between Replenish Richmond, LLC and Richmonders – individuals, families, groups of friends, businesses and organizations – who believe in the power of the regional Community of Richmond and want to invest in its future growth and prosperity.  Partnership agreements renew annually on the first of the month after initial sign-up.  Partners are asked to make the following annual investments:

  • Partner Investment of $250.00 – Investment may be made in multiple payments
    • “250” honors the upcoming 250th anniversary of the beginning our our nation in 1776 which will be celebrated in 2026.  The Stone Dam Partnership intends to have achieved its goal of establishing Richmond as the Most Influential and Historic Community in America in time for this anniversary
    • All bartering proposals offering $250 in value to the Partnership will be considered
  • Participation in an individualized information exchange to create a Partner Profile to guide Partnership support of each Partner’s resolutions and interests.  After the initial information exchange is complete, Replenish Richmond will periodically update each Partner Profile.
  • Design and implement a Resolution for Richmond – Each Partner is asked to resolve to implement a community development project that benefits their chosen element of our Community of Richmond.  The Partnership encourages new and creative ways to support our community and whatever resolution is decided upon, Replenish Richmond will intersect it and the partner’s efforts with one of the four Partnership Initiatives.  Once defined, Replenish Richmond will help the Partner develop a strategic plan for their resolution and will do all it can to assist with the fulfillment of the Partner’s resolution.

Stone Dam Partner / Partner Profile Information Exchange

The foundation for the success of the Stone Dam Partnership is the collective information the Partnership gains from each individualized information exchange with a new Partner.  Used to create the Partner Profile, this exchange is designed to clearly define the personal, business, and community building objectives and resources of each Partner.  Replenish Richmond has developed an interactive relational database that coordinates all Partners’ objectives and resources.  This database will help each Partner achieve a positive return on their investment while significantly benefiting the Partnership in its efforts to achieve the ultimate objective.  The information exchange includes an interview session as well as an individualized set of questions designed to define the Partner’s interests, connections, objectives, timelines and available resources as relates to current and future Partnership initiatives.  All personal information is considered confidential unless otherwise defined by the Partner, who ultimately controls all aspects of the information exchange.

A Resolution for Richmond

The relationship between a Partner and the Stone Dam Partnership is envisioned to be a lot like the relationship between the proverbial wolf and the pack.  The pack needs the lone wolf to venture out and explore in support of the pack, and in venturing out each wolf needs to feel the power of the support from the pack.  The Resolution for Richmond is an effort to inspire Partners to venture out, knowing they have the full support of the Partnership behind them.  Specifically, Partners are asked to resolve to strengthen some aspect of our Community of Richmond with a plan that they design and coordinate.  Resolutions are anything the Partner wants to do to impact our community in a positive way.  Resolutions can be directly tied to one of the four Partnership Initiatives, or completely driven by the specific interests of the Partner.  The resolution is an important discussion topic in the information exchange as it enables the Partnership to customize its assistance to each Partner, sort of like an Advocacy Personal Trainer.  It is hoped and expected that the Resolution for Richmond aspect of the Partnership will offer many personal benefits to each Partner.  It is a given that the collection of resolutions will move the Partnership closer to achieving its ultimate objective.

Other Benefits for Partners from the Stone Dam Partnership

In addition to doing everything possible to support each Partner’s Resolution for Richmond, the Stone Dam Partnership offers the support of Replenish Richmond’s growing information database and list of connections to each Partner so they can personalize their benefits.  Ultimately, the Partnership intends to provide each Partner with an excellent return on their financial, information and time investment, including the knowledge that the Partnership is continually working to strengthen the future of their Community of Richmond.  Potential benefits to be derived by Partners include:

  • The Partnership can act like a Richmond Advocacy 101 Course, assisting Partners become more involved in their community in ways that are both convenient and meaningful.
  • The Partnership can assist Partners achieve their personal and/or business objectives related to Shockoe, the East End and the entire Community of Richmond by linking them to other Partners who share their interests and objectives, and by connecting them to regional businesses, organizations and projects that intersect their interests and objectives.
  • The Partnership can act as a conduit for Partners to participate in the development of Richmond’s Downtown Master Plan, the Richmond Riverfront Plan, the Richmond Anti-Poverty Commission efforts, and the emerging Capital Region Collaborative and Richmond’s Future efforts.
  • Partners will realize future benefits from the Partnership’s ongoing proactive efforts to strengthen the relationships between the currently disjointed Richmond regional jurisdictions, and the Richmonders in those jurisdictions.
  • The Partnership will actively and publicly celebrate the power of Richmond’s historic past and its ability to positively impact Richmond’s future, and will accent each Partner’s awareness of Richmond history, especially aspects deemed important by the Partner.

For more information on the Stone Dam Partnership and to become a Partner, contact Rick Tatnall @ Replenish Richmond LLC