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Gravesend, the play – Share the Experience

The World Premiere Virginia tour of the play Gravesend is a multi-dimensional experience that is artistic in nature, but also provocative, educational and inspirational.  In order to maximize the community development impact of the Virginia tour, a special concept called Share the Experience is being implemented to make sure as many seats as possible are filled with folks that will truly benefit from the experience and start tapping into the Pocahontas that is within them.  Virginians (individuals and organizations) are asked to make donations so other deserving Virginians can share the experience of Gravesend and start connecting to the other components of The Pocahontas Project.  Replenish Richmond will connect donated tickets to members of the Virginia Indian Tribes, to Virginia school districts for distribution to teachers, to Virginia public housing communities for distribution to single moms working their way up in the world, and to Virginia non-profit and faith organizations to honor special people who are making a difference in our Commonwealth.  It is hoped that this concept and effort will inspire other Virginia cultural organizations to start sharing their experiences > offering experiential opportunities to deserving members of our community who might otherwise not get the chance to participate.

Share the Experience > Specific Details

Share the Experience donations will pay for each recipient to receive a $33.00 premium ticket to one of the performances of Gravesend > premium tickets include a copy of The Pocahontas Project Booklet, a full color keepsake publication about the life, legend and legacy of Pocahontas.  Replenish Richmond will also work to connect Share the Experience recipients with other aspects of The Pocahontas Project that could benefit them personally and professionally.

Replenish Richmond is looking to maximize the positive impact of the Gravesend tour by filling as many as 5,000 seats with Share the Experience recipients, almost 50% of the seats available for entire tour.  Share the Experience donors may choose the general background of the recipient(s) of their generosity, ultimately defined by Replenish Richmond, or may get more specific if they wish, including defining a specific person in these general categories:

  • Members of the Virginia Indian Tribes – choose a tribe
  • Virginia Schoolteacher – choose a school system
  • Single Moms in VA Public Housing – choose a housing community
  • Virginia Non-Profit organizations – choose an organization

Share the Experience > Donation Promotion

To spur early donations and speed up the process of connecting Share the Experience recipients with The Pocahontas Project, before the Gravesend tour, Replenish Richmond has created the Share the Experience Donation Promotion.  Every $33.00 Share the Experience donation made by Saturday September 15, 2018 earns one entry in a random prize drawing to be held on Sunday September 16, 2018.  As an example, a donor making a $99.00 contribution to allow three (3) deserving Virginians to see the play will receive three (3) entries in the random drawing.  Currently confirmed prizes include:

  • (7) winners of a 2018 Attractions Guest Pass, courtesy of Richmond Region Tourism
    • Each pass offers free admission for two people in 2018 to more than 50 Richmond region museums and cultural attractions – a $500+ value if fully used
  • (5) winners of a pair of Invitations to a symposium and reception > Pocahontas: Her Life, Legend & Legacy, courtesy of Replenish Richmond
    • Wednesday November 14, 2018 at the Virginia Museum of History & Culture
    • Includes a “Director’s Cut” of the Gravesend play
    • Invited guests include Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and U.S. Senator Tim Kaine
  • (20) winners of a pair of tickets to a Gravesend performance > date/venue to be chosen by winner
  • (40) winners of Lunch with Pocahontas, courtesy of Replenish Richmond
    • Organized at 5 different popular Richmond restaurants, 8 women will join Pocahontas actress Yasmine Hassabu for a scrumptious luncheon meal and an empowering female oriented conversation wrapped around the life of Pocahontas > Each luncheon is female only – male winners must gift their prize to a female friend
  • (25) winners of the book > Pocahontas: Her Life & Legend, courtesy of the Virginia Museum of History & Culture
    • Written by William M.S. Rasmussen and Robert S. Tilton, published 1994, reprinted 2007

Share the Experience > Donation Payment Options

Share the Experience donations can be made either by check to Replenish Richmond > 514 North 30th Street, RVA 23223 <> or online at the Replenish Richmond website payment page

Donations made to Replenish Richmond are not tax-deductible.  If donors desire a tax deduction, or need their payment to be made to a 501-c-3 organization, Replenish Richmond is in discussions with a non-profit organization to act as the fiscal agent for The Pocahontas Project, including the Share the Experience component of the Gravesend tour.  For more information, please contact Rick Tatnall @ (804) 325-3674 or