RVA Green Team

The RVA Green Team was established by Replenish Richmond to strengthen the fabric of the Community of Richmond by investing and involving Richmonders to become serious stewards of their natural environment – thinking globally and acting locally.  The RVA Green Team is both a membership organization and a movement committed to the power of comprehensive and intentional environmental stewardship to positively change the direction of our community and our society.

Purpose of the RVA Green Team

The RVA Green Team intends to enhance the quality of life in the Community of Richmond by instilling a growing level of “green” stewardship in all Richmonders.   We will do so by introducing Members to the benefits their consistent stewardship produces: benefits for their neighborhood, for the RVA, for mankind, and especially for themselves.  The RVA Green Team emphasizes the power of green intentionality to its Members, showing how they can do a great deal every day to make their lives and their community stronger and healthier.

We are concentrating our initial efforts in the East End of the Community of Richmond, but our ultimate target market is the entire Richmond Regional Community – the 1,000,000+ Richmonders who make up the RVA.  A critical component of the success of the RVA Green Team involves nurturing a high level of stewardship in Richmond’s youth as they mature and develop, ensuring their stewardship will be instinctual as adults.  Replenish Richmond will be forming RVA Green Team Chapters in public and private schools across the RVA and will emphasize the 4 R’s to guide our daily environmental stewardship efforts – Reduce / Reuse / Recycle / Replenish.  Ultimately, the RVA Green Team hopes to show Richmonders of all ages how connecting with and caring for our natural environment can strengthen their minds, their bodies and their community.

Become a Member of the RVA Green Team

Starting in 2014, Richmonders of all ages are invited to become a Member of the RVA Green Team.  Member dues are in the form of time, not dollars.  RVA Green Team Members commit to a minimum of 2 additional hours per month of green service to our community.  Members are required to keep track of their hours in to order to have access to a growing number of RVA Green Team Member Benefits.  Members can choose to support a variety of RVA Green Team projects and are encouraged to design their own projects to satisfy their monthly green service to community.

The RVA Green Team offers a growing list of Member Benefits that we are still developing.  These benefits include:

  • Members get assistance in connecting with any of the RVA Green Team Resource Organizations to support their green efforts
  • Members will be linked with other Members who share similar interests, live or work close by, or offer other connections
  • Members will receive negotiated discounts and other benefits from businesses across the Community of Richmond – still in development stage
  • Members get free admission to RVA Green Team events and programs
  • Members get the satisfaction that comes from offering service to one’s community

RVA Green Team is about Collaboration

Environmental stewardship is most effective when there is coordination and collaboration between citizens and the many local organizations – government, non-profit, faith and business – working in concert to support our natural environment.  The RVA Green Team will support Members in their green service to community efforts by helping them connect to the RVA’s growing environmental support network.  Replenish Richmond has developed awareness and connections with a comprehensive collection of resource and support organizations and the RVA Green Team will connect Members with these entities based on the interests of the Member and the needs and resources of the organization.  These organizations include:

 RVA Green Team Resource Orgs

RVA Green Team – It’s all about Richmond’s Youth

The RVA Green Team is a response to the serious need for increased environmental stewardship from all citizens.  Since most adults were not guided when they were growing up to be environmentally conscious, they have serious difficulty changing their many bad habits learned over time.  Therefore, the RVA Green Team will concentrate on nurturing a high level of stewardship in Richmond’s youth so they can learn good habits that will stay with them for a lifetime.  A youth-driven environmental movement is also the best incentive to get adults involved in the process.  The RVA Green Team intends to create chapters at all of the schools across the Richmond region and will concentrate on supporting the development of community and school gardens, recycling programs and anti-litter campaigns.  An important part of that support involves intersecting our efforts with other youth development organizations in Richmond so the RVA Green Team concept follows youth in a coordinated fashion wherever they go.

RVA Green Team – Starting in the East End

The RVA Green Team will start its efforts in Richmond’s East End, intending to work with all of the schools – public and private.  Our efforts to create Chapters at East End schools will be modeled after the award winning RVA Green Team Chapter at George Mason Elementary school.  Started in the Fall of 2012, the George Mason Green Team won 1st Place in a Sierra Club recycling contest in 2013 and is currently expanding its programs and scope as we finish the 2013/2014 school year.  Patterned after our experiences at George Mason, the RVA Green Team intends to establish a Chapter at each of the following East End schools by the end of 2014 :

  • George Mason Elementary / Bellevue Elementary / Chimborazo Elementary / Woodville Elementary / Fairfield Court Elementary / MLK Middle / Armstrong High / Franklin Military / CHAT – Church Hill Academy / Montrose Elementary / Fairfield Middle / Central Montessori / Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School

Each School Chapter will be tasked with three main projects for their school community:

  • Replicate the 100% in-school recycling program designed at George Mason Elementary
  • Develop and maintain a learning based school garden and/or align with and support a community garden nearby
  • Create an ongoing school campus beautification effort that emphasizes that littering is unacceptable and picking up litter is greatly appreciated

The RVA Green Team intends to work closely with each school’s support network, especially PTA’s and other parent organizations, and will develop formal connections with the following East End support organizations whose programming intersects with most of the targeted schools:

  • Communities in Schools of Richmond / Promise Neighborhoods / Micah Initiative / Richmond Hill – Armstrong Leadership / Boys & Girls Clubs / RRHA / Richmond and Henrico Parks & Recreation