RichMUN 2020

RichMUN 2020

A Richmonds of the World Model for the United Nations

Mission and Primary Objective

The Mission of the RichMUN 2020 initiative is to inspire and engage in collaboration as many Richmonders and Richmondites as possible from the 96 communities of Richmond around the world to design and approve a comprehensive global strategic action plan for the sustainable future of life on Earth.  Once formally approved by the RichMUN 2020 Delegates next October > 10/10/2020 < in Richmond, Virginia, organizers will arrange for the Plan to be presented to the United Nations as a model for the UN and the citizens of the world to follow.

RichMUN 2020 will be entirely different from other MUN (Model United Nations) efforts.  Instead of committees, research, discussions and activities designed to represent a model of the United Nations, RichMUN 2020 will develop a Richmonds of the World (ROTW) model for the United Nations.   RichMUN 2020 organizers, participants and supporters believe in the fierce urgency of now and are committed to aggressively address the complex set of social, health, economic and environmental issues collectively challenging the future of life on Earth.

The primary objective of RichMUN 2020 is to create and commence a comprehensive “forever” ROTW global strategic action plan of sustainability for all of humanity (the Plan).  The Plan will be collaboratively designed by secondary school and university students representing most of the communities of Richmond around the world, including many students with years of Model UN experience.  The specific strategies, goals, objectives and intentions of the Plan will be conceived and discussed in RichMUN 2020 Committees over the internet in the months leading up to the RichMUN 2020 Conference, and voted on by the student Delegates of each Richmond participating in the conference.

The RichMUN 2020 global strategic action plan will take full advantage of all past and current United Nations research and initiatives and is currently organized in the following 10 categories:

  • Community / Creativity / Culture / Economy / Education / Environment / Government / Health / Justice / Population

RichMUN 2020 – A Forever Movement

The RichMUN 2020 Conference is just the first formal gathering in a forever movement called RichMUN 2020.  While honoring the year of its first global conference, the name RichMUN 2020 also embraces the 20/20 vision represented in its global strategic action plan approved in 2020.  Since there will be a significant carbon footprint associated with the RichMUN 2020 Conference, a strategy for future RichMUN 2020 gatherings will be discussed and approved as a part of the conference.  In any case, the primary function of future RichMUN 2020 conferences or gatherings will be to monitor the results of the global strategic action plan, revising and tweaking the Plan as needed.

Richmonds of the World is producing the overall RichMUN 2020 effort and the inaugural RichMUN 2020 Conference.  That process begins by facilitating the intersection of the five Richmond student groups defined below that are invited to be the initial RichMUN 2020 collaborators.  ROTW has identified 46 communities of Richmond in 10 countries on all 6 inhabited continents that have a secondary school(s) that could participate in the RichMUN 2020 Conference.  Ultimately it is hoped and expected that students from all of these Richmonds and more will actively participate in the development of the ROTW global strategic action plan and the inaugural RichMUN 2020 Conference.

RichMUN 2020 Theme Song – “Come Tomorrow” by Dave Matthews Band

In 2018 the Dave Matthews Band released their song called “Come Tomorrow” and re-released the song in June 2019 featuring Brandi Carlile.  The song’s lyrics (see link below for the song and lyrics) tell us that the world will be “good to go” once we “let the children run the show”.

The organizers, participants and supporters of the RichMUN 2020 effort believe the adults of the world are abdicating their responsibility to sustain life on Earth and that it is time to “let the children lead the way” – that is the ultimate goal and the purpose of RichMUN 2020.

RichMUN 2020 Conference – October 7-10, 2020 in Richmond, Virginia

The RichMUN 2020 Conference will involve both a physical gathering of formally chosen RichMUN Delegates from as many Richmonds as possible, as well as a virtual global conference utilizing available technological capacity to allow Delegates from other Richmonds who cannot attend to fully participate and vote on the global strategic action plan decisions.  As Richmond VA (RVA) is playing a leading role in the ROTW effort, and because the RVA is the closest Richmond to most of the Richmonds around the world, it has been chosen as the site of the RichMUN 2020 Conference, October 7-10, 2020 > conference details to be determined.

ROTW is in the process of inviting the following five (5) Richmond school / college communities to collaborate in the development of the formal RichMUN 2020 Conference Program:

  • Richmond College – Galle, Sri Lanka > Invited to be the Collaboration Leader
  • Richmond School (Colegio Bilingue Richmond) – Bogota, Colombia
  • Richmond Public Schools – Richmond, Virginia, USA
  • University of Richmond – Richmond, Virginia, USA
  • Richmond, the American International University in London – Richmond upon Thames, London, UK

As the RichMUN Collaboration Leader, Richmond College RichMUN members will collectively act as the Chair of the RichMUN 2020 Committee of five student groups.  Once assembled intellectually (January 2020), representatives of the five RichMUN efforts will collaborate online (through March 2020) to design a process to determine the formal agenda for the RichMUN 2020 Conference, including how to best engage as many other communities of Richmond as possible in these deliberations and plans.

RichMUN 2020 – Considerations

There is certainly no handbook for developing a global strategic action plan, so there are many logistics and issues to consider by all involved in the creation of RichMUN 2020, including:

  • How to inspire and connect students in the Richmonds around the world in an online dialogue over the next year to prepare the details of the comprehensive ROTW global strategic action plan with defined action steps and benchmarks
  • Creating a truly inclusive and democratic decision making process > How many formal delegates from each Richmond and what will be their voting rights and responsibilities?
  • Developing a compelling conference agenda with powerful speakers > what activities should be intertwined?
  • Engaging the United Nations in the RichMUN 2020 process and the resulting global strategic action plan
  • Engaging elected and community leaders around the world in the RichMUN 2020 process and the resulting global strategic action plan
  • Determining the communication and other technology needed to enable as many delegates and Richmonds as possible to participate > RichMUN 2020 Conference venues will have all the necessary capacity to allow full participation for all delegates
  • Marketing and branding RichMUN 2020 > developing a website and social media, engaging high profile patrons hopefully to include Dave Matthews and Brandi Carlile
  • Funding the costs of the RichMUN 2020 Conference and the overall RichMUN 2020 process


Presented 1/15/2020 by:

Rick Tatnall / Richmonds of the World