Pocahontas and the Virginia Indians

Pocahontas and the Virginia Indians is an on-line, self-study history and cultural education course offered by the Pocahontas Project (http://replenishrichmond.com/pocahontas-project/) a public-private partnership working to strengthen community through the lens of the woman called Matoaka, Amonute, and Rebecca, but most famously known as Pocahontas.  Since the history and culture of the Virginia Indians are intertwined with any investigation wrapped around Pocahontas, an important Project objective is to expand awareness of the Virginia Indian Tribes, with special attention to the tribes associated with Paramount Chief Powhatan.

In support of public school education in Virginia and around the world during these unsettled times, and to inform and inspire students of all ages, the Project has curated a diverse collection of information sources offering a well-rounded summary of the life, legend and legacy of Pocahontas coupled with the history and culture of Virginia’s Indian Tribes.  Organized in 10 classes, the total content presented represents a highly credible collection of state, federal and international history and cultural institutions, with lots of fun intersections with people and places around the world connected to Pocahontas.  The ideas and energy behind this public education effort honor the hard work of the late Betsy Barton, whose dedication to education in Virginia and awareness of the Virginia Tribes is an inspiration for all involved.

Pocahontas and the Virginia Indians – Course Objectives

This self-study Course is open to all ages and has the following educational and social development objectives:

  • Offer a well-rounded presentation of the life, legend and legacy of the woman most famously known as Pocahontas, a person who by herself literally changed the future course of world history.
  • Offer a well-rounded summary of the history of Indians in Virginia, from thousands of years before the time of Powhatan and Pocahontas, through to present day. The Course supports those working to enhance education in Virginia schools related to the Virginia Indians and Native American history and culture, and will conduct a Course Survey to better inform all efforts.
  • Promote the importance of the many leadership qualities exhibited by Pocahontas in the face of adversity, including:
    • Hope, Purpose, Critical Thinking, Civic Involvement, Shared Responsibility, and Perseverance
  • Promote the positive power of Cross-Cultural Understanding, a characteristic exemplified by Pocahontas

Pocahontas and the Virginia Indians – Course Structure & Availability (June 15 – Nov 8, 2020)

The Course is on-line and self-study, presented in 10 classes initially rolled out on Mondays for 10 weeks starting June 15th.  Ultimately, Students have through November 8, 2020 to access all Course content, following their own self-study interests, habits, and time availability.  Student time involvement per segment will average 90 to 100 minutes = approximately one hour for content and 30-40 minutes for thoughtwork = about 15-17 total Course hours.  Student work is not graded.  Coursework will be accessed through a direct link on the Gloucester County VA website, allowing Students to view the content and accompanying thoughtwork at any time.  At the end of the 10 class course, Students are asked to submit a Pocahontas Legacy Expression which is expected to involve several enjoyable hours.  Finally, Students agree to participate in a survey designed to inform future Courses and other efforts.  Students are asked to complete a pre-course survey and a post-course survey with total time involvement = 1 hour

Course Public Schools Consultant – Gloucester County Public Schools (GCPS)

  • Course Headteacher > Rhonda Taylor – GCPS Gifted Resource Teacher
    • Overseeing course content and thoughtwork

Course Facilitator – County of Gloucester, Virginia

  • Course on-line presentation + weekly communication facilitated by Gloucester Parks, Recreation & Tourism

Are you a potential student for this Course?

The Pocahontas Project has curated the Pocahontas and the Virginia Indians Course to appeal to anyone of any age, living anywhere around the world.  The Project is specifically targeting secondary school age students as they are our future, with a marketing concentration in Virginia and England.  Adults looking to broaden their education, enhance their purpose, and strengthen their spiritual perspective will also find the course relevant and compelling.

Course Costs

  • Course Enrollment Charge + cost of viewing the Disney Pocahontas Movie (to be obtained by the Student = $2.99 on Youtube, free on many streaming services).  Enrollment charge has been adjusted for Students living outside the USA who will also have to obtain a Smithsonian video @ $2.99.
    • Course Enrollment Charge = $40.00 USD / £32.00 GBP / €37.00 EUR / $55.00 CAD / $60.00 AUD
    • Enrolled Students are invited to encourage family members to take the course with them, collaborating on the weekly thoughtwork as well as the final course activity – no extra charge!
  • Course scholarships (50% off) are available for economically challenged students upon request (families taking the Course are asked to pay for one full priced student)

Course Benefits for Students

  • Each Student in this inaugural Pocahontas Course is considered an Education Trailblazer in the name of Pocahontas and will receive by mail a personalized Course Completion Certificate
    • The Pocahontas Project will communicate your successful Course completion to your school’s Administrators, as requested
  • Each Student gains awareness and access to all of the on-line content presented in the Course, as well as:
    • A pdf copy of The English Pocahontas: Ten Essential Questions publication by John Pagano from Henricus (presented in week 5)
    • A pdf copy of Pocahontas and After publication from Border Crossings (presented in week 9)

Pocahontas and the Virginia Indians – 10 Class Titles

  • Class #1Intro to the Project, the Course and the Virginia Indians
  • Class #2 Pocahontas: Beyond the Myth
  • Class #3Pocahontas Revealed
  • Class #4Pocahontas Reimagined
  • Class #5 Pocahontas – Captive, Convert, Celebrity
  • Class #6 Pocahontas – Ambassador of Cross Cultural Understanding
  • Class #7Pocahontas – Religion and Faith
  • Class #8Pocahontas – Legacy, Myths, Realities and Relevance
  • Class #9Pocahontas and After
  • Class #10 Meet the Virginia Indian Tribes

Pocahontas and the Virginia Indians – Final Course Activities

Receiving a personalized Course Completion Certificate signaling successful completion of the Course requires each Student to answer questions in a 2-part survey designed to improve the Course and inform educators in their efforts to enhance the presentation of the history and culture of Virginia’s Indians in Virginia schools.  In addition, successful completion of the Course requires each Student to submit a Pocahontas Legacy Expression which presents their thoughts and feelings on the legacy of the woman most famously known as Pocahontas.  Officially, the Course is available on-line through Sunday, November 8th, which is the last day of the Gloucester Pocahontas Celebration (November 6-8, 2020).  All Student submissions received by Friday October 30th will be formally presented at the Pocahontas Celebration – Legacy submissions are requested to be sent to Gloucester County in a means chosen by the Student.  There are many possible mediums for the Pocahontas Legacy offerings, including:

  • Written Essay – 250 words minimum
  • Video Essay – 3 minute minimum
  • A painting, drawing, mural, song, poem, sculpture, story, dance, screenplay or other creative expression presenting the thoughts and feelings of the Student related to the legacy of Pocahontas and the Virginia Indians

Pocahontas and the Virginia Indians – Reasons to take the Course

The Pocahontas Project intends for this inaugural Course to foment a global leadership movement inspired by the life, legend and legacy of the woman most famously known as Pocahontas.  Students who take this Course will learn about a woman who literally changed the future course of world history.  Students who take this Course are expected to be inspired by her life example, strengthening their personal connection to Hope and Purpose.

Students who take this self-study Course can feel comfortable knowing the Course has been constructed in direct association with Gloucester County, Gloucester County Public Schools and Anne Richardson, Chief of the Rappahannock Indian Tribe.  Gloucester County Public Schools is awarding its teachers who take the Course 15 points (for 15 hours) towards re-certification in the category of educational project – the Pocahontas Project is working to expand that opportunity to teachers across the Commonwealth of Virginia and beyond.  Students can also feel confident in the content of the Course as it is comprised of video and written offerings from and presenting the following history and cultural institutions:

  • National Park Service / Smithsonian Institution / NOVA (PBS) / Virginia Public Media (VPM) / County of Gloucester, Virginia / Borough of Gravesham, England / Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) / William & Mary – American Indian Resource Center / Open University (UK) / Virginia Council on Indians / Virginia Foundation for the Humanities / Library of Virginia / State Library of North Carolina / Virginia Museum of History and Culture (VMHC) / Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) / British Museum / Rappahannock Indian Tribe / Henricus Historical Park / Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation / Border Crossings / Walt Disney Productions

Students who take this self-study Course will expand their understanding and appreciation of structured on-line learning programming. Students who take this Course will enjoy the personal growth gained through responsibly following a prescribed regimen on their own.

Do you want to enroll in this Course?

If you would like to enroll in the Pocahontas and the Virginia Indians Course:

1) Please complete the Course Registration Form found @ https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfaQnSYv0Gyk_1iAaaah-7kN91s7mX48qPg11dmFfiftelG5A/viewform

2) Please pay your Course tuition (= $40.00 USD / £32.00 GBP / €37.00 EUR / $55.00 CAD / $60.00 AUD) using the Replenish Richmond Payment Page @ http://replenishrichmond.com/payment/.

If you have questions before you enroll, or for other inquiries, contact Rick Tatnall @ the Pocahontas Project at rick@replenishrichmond.com