Replenish Richmond believes that a community’s overall quality of life is directly related to the level of collective community engagement offered by the citizens.  In Richmond and across America we are seeing that just throwing money at a problem is not a solution – citizens must get more personally involved on a regular basis if we want to solve our community’s most pressing issues.  Currently in the East End and throughout the regional Community of Richmond there are social problems that are crying out for the support and engagement of Richmonders who want to help make a positive difference in another Richmonder’s life.  The GIMME 5 Community Engagement Initiative has been created and designed to inspire Richmonders to get more engaged in their home community with an intended result of a much higher overall quality of life for all Richmonders.  GIMME 5 will concentrate its initial efforts in the East End, creating a model for the rest of the Community of Richmond to follow.

GIMME 5 involves a very simple request – Richmonders are asked to join our effort by committing to offer five (5) or more service-to-community hours each month during 2017 in support of one of many community development efforts, including:

  • Richmond City and Henrico County Public Schools, coordinating with Communities in Schools of Richmond
  • Richmond City Health District – supporting the Medical Reserve Corps
  • Richmond Office of Community Wealth Building Initiatives and Programs
  • Richmond Redevelopment & Housing Authority (RRHA) Initiatives and Programs
  • Richmond City and Henrico County Recreation and Parks Initiatives and Programs
  • East End Community Collaboration (EECC) Initiatives and Programs

As the manager of GIMME 5, Replenish Richmond will act like a community service matchmaker – connecting Richmonders to organizations and programs that match their interests and schedules.  GIMME 5 intends to turn the volunteer service system upside down in Richmond.  Currently schools, agencies and support organizations beg for volunteers and do their best with what they get.  Because the process is inconsistent and uncertain, often the time cost of the volunteer coordination is greater than the time benefit received.  GIMME 5 will reinvent this process, changing it from a reactive one to an active one by asking the schools, agencies and organizations what they need and then giving it to them through the collective GIMME 5 member network.

GIMME 5 is designed to continually increase collective community engagement by inspiring Richmonders to get invested and involved, and incentivizing the process to keep them engaged.  In return for their monthly 5 hour time commitment (and 2017 Member Dues of $5) GIMME 5 Members will have access to special benefits currently being assembled, including GIMME 5 events, discounts and promotions from Richmond restaurants and retail, and other thank you benefits.

GIMME 5 began its efforts on January 1, 2017.