Five Richmonds Twinning

5 Richmonds Twinning #2The concept known as twinning and the terms twin towns and twin cities are used to describe cooperative community agreements made between towns and cities in different parts of the world designed to promote cultural, educational and economic connections between the twinning partners.  For instance, the City of Richmond Virginia and its namesake, the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, have benefited from a twinning relationship that officially started on May 24, 1981.  The twinning relationship between these two Richmonds is the inspiration for the Richmonds of the World (ROTW) global community development concept.  Ultimately ROTW is really just a coordinated twinning effort between communities named Richmond.  So, to take full advantage of the power of twinning ROTW has developed a program called Richmond Twinning which will facilitate the establishment of twinning relationships between the various Richmonds around the world, starting with a project called Five Richmonds Twinning (5RT).

5RT builds on the twinning relationship between the RVA and Richmond upon Thames and creates twinning relationships with three other communities of Richmond – Richmond California, the Richmond District in San Francisco, and Richmond Victoria, Australia.  5RT intends to create cross twinning relationships between these five historically connected Richmonds — both Richmond Virginia and Richmond Victoria are named for Richmond upon Thames, Richmond CA is named after Richmond VA and the Richmond District is named for Richmond VIC.

Successful twinning relationships involve developing strong connections between the various social subsets of each community and the 5RT project will start with a core group of community subsets that are present in all or most of the 5 Richmonds.  It is hoped and expected that the power of these organizations in their respective communities will help guarantee the success of the 5RT project by offering multiple reasons for the 5 communities of Richmond to connect and collaborate:

  • United Way Worldwide
    • United Way London
    • United Way of Greater Richmond and Petersburg
    • United Way Melbourne
    • United Way of the Bay Area
  • International Red Cross
    • British Red Cross, London Chapter
    • American Red Cross, Greater Richmond Chapter
    • Australian Red Cross, Victoria Chapter
    • American Red Cross, Bay Area Chapter
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters International
    • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Richmond & Tri-Cities
    • Big Brothers Big Sisters Melbourne
    • Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area
  • World Alliance of YMCAs
    • YMCA England, YMCA London South West, Surbiton
    • YMCA of  Greater Richmond
    • YMCA Australia, YMCA Victoria
    • West Contra Costa YMCA, Richmond District YMCA
  • World YWCA
    • YWCA of Great Britain / YWCA of England and Wales
    • YWCA Richmond (VA)
    • YWCA of Australia
    • YWCA of San Francisco & Marin
  • The Salvation Army
    • The Salvation Army, United Kingdom Territory
    • The Salvation Army, Central Virginia
    • The Salvation Army, Victoria
    • The Salvation Army, Golden State Division
  • World Organization of the Scout Movement
    • The Scout Association, Richmond upon Thames District Scouts
    • Boy Scouts of America, Heart of VA Council, North & South Districts
    • Scouts Australia, Victoria Branch
    • Boy Scouts of America, San Francisco Bay Area Council / Golden Gate District
  • World Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts
    • Girlguiding UK, Greater London West Chapter
    • Girl Scouts of the Commonwealth of Virginia
    • Girl Guides Australia, Girl Guides Victoria
    • Girl Scouts of Northern California, East Bay/Solano & South Bay/Peninsula Areas

Efforts to connect these organizations within the five Richmonds will be facilitated by one school in each community that will be the epicenter of community collaboration for their Richmond.  From a programmatic standpoint, the 5RT program will actively support the development of the three ROTW Initiatives (Education, Public Safety and Sustainability) and will look to expand its collection of connection organizations in each of the five Richmonds to include the faith community, business and non-profit Communities, artistic and creative communities, educational and cultural institutions, and athletic organizations.