East End Community Collaboration – eecc

eecc-description-10-10-16EECC Membership

The East End Community Collaboration (EECC) operates as a Membership Organization open to stakeholder groups operating in and supporting the East End community – neighborhood and civic associations, businesses, churches, non-profits and government agencies.  Member dues are an investment in the EECC concept and process, and establish a contract between EECC and the Member organization to work together in support of the Member’s goals and objectives in the East End.  Member dues involve three separate means of support for EECC:

Financial > Member organizations are asked to make an annual financial contribution of $100, paid in cash or in kind.  Dues may be paid in multiple payments and in the first year of membership all cash contributions are fully refundable upon written request.  Each Member’s Official Anniversary Date is the first of the month following the initial application date (i.e. an application made on July 15th would have an official anniversary date of August 1st).
Information > Members are asked to answer a series of informational and survey questions designed to ascertain their current relationship to the East End Community and their organization’s future plans and goals for the East End.
Promotion > Members are asked to promote EECC and its goal of creating a village mentality in the East End to its members, clients, supporters, staff and their families.  It is hoped that Members will see value in connecting their organization’s efforts to one or more of the EECC Caretaker programs, and will act as a sphere of influence to encourage others to do so as well.

In return for their financial, information and promotion contributions to EECC and our East End Community, EECC will establish a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with each Member to define how EECC will support the goals and objectives of the Member organization in the East End.  Some of the benefits EECC will offer to Members include:

Information > EECC offers Members access to data and specific information about the East End gathered by Replenish Richmond and enhanced by the info provided by a growing membership:

East End Team Contact File + Updates – a detailed contact list for all of the stakeholder organizations in the East End – currently available, growing and updated monthly
East End Product and Service Database – a virtual mapping of the products and services offered to residents and organizations in the East End – currently under construction

Programs > It is hoped and expected that Members will benefit from connecting with and participating in one or more of the EECC Caretaker Programs that align with the goals and objectives of their organization.  Replenish Richmond will use the MOU process to define compatible EECC programs and facilitate benefit to the Member through those programs.

Customized Interaction > Replenish Richmond will use information gathered from each Member to customize their organization’s interaction with our East End community including connections to individuals, organizations and programs that match the Member’s interests and objectives. In addition, at their request Members will be connected to other EECC Members.

Intangible Benefits & Good Feelings > EECC Members will reap the intangible benefits that come from being a part of a community that is involved and invested in itself.  In addition, EECC Members will be a part of a powerful wave of proactive collaboration that is expected to create a positive breeds positive transformation in our East End Community. It is hoped and expected that participating in this transformation will bring EECC Members many good feelings.

EECC Management

The East End Community Collaboration (EECC) operates as a Membership Organization managed day-to-day by Rick Tatnall / Replenish Richmond LLC, working with the advice and counsel of a five (5) person EECC Advisory Board, listed above.