A Piece of Peace

A Richmonds of the World project for New Zealand, Sri Lanka and the global Community of Richmond

A Piece of Peace Project Description as of 12/12/2019

The inaugural A Piece of Peace (APOP) project focuses a global Richmonds of the World supportive message of PEACE in response to the tragic and related terror attacks earlier this year in New Zealand (March 15th) and Sri Lanka (April 21st).  New Zealand and Sri Lanka are home to 3 of the 96 communities of Richmond around the world >> Richmond, Christchurch & Richmond, Nelson in New Zealand and Richmond Hill, Galle in Sri Lanka.  Physically, the APOP project involves the creation of two very large banners featuring the word P E A C E surrounded by an artistic mural promoting peace and unity.  Spiritually, the project involves thousands and thousands of Richmonders from many of the Richmonds around the world becoming a piece of peace by participating in this global cooperative effort, hopefully inspiring more cooperative efforts wrapped around PEACE.  From a timing perspective, the APOP project intends for a banner to be shipped to each country ahead of the 1st anniversary of the two terror attacks, hopefully providing comfort at a very emotional time.  Below is a link to a letter of support for the APOP project from US Senator Tim Kaine, Patron of Richmonds of the World:

Sen Kaine – A Piece of Peace

The regional community of Richmond Virginia (RVA), led by students and teachers from Richmond Public Schools (RPS) and a variety of Richmond community leaders, will collaborate with many other communities of Richmond around the world to complete the two banners and fulfill the project’s goals.  The project will facilitate the opportunity for RPS student artists of all ages to work side by side with RVA mural artists to design and paint each banner’s background mural.

Logistically, the A Piece of Peace project (APOP) has the following schedule through March 1, 2020:

  • December 5, 2019 >>> Re-start of the Go Fund Me campaign for A Piece of Peace for the Richmonds of the World, created to raise the funds necessary for completing the project.  As this is a complicated process, the timing of the APOP project has morphed over the past several months.  The APOP Go Fund Me campaign originally started on July 31st but was quickly put on hold when it was determined it was not the right time.  It is now KAIROS – the right and opportune moment – and the campaign was re-ignited on December 5th as we enter a time when the world recognizes and celebrates PEACE.  Please consider supporting the APOP campaign >>>> https://www.gofundme.com/f/a-piece-of-peace-for-the-richmonds-of-the-world
  • December 2019 through early January 2020 >>> Gain the insight of Richmonders and Richmondites in the RVA and from around the world as to their thoughts on the design and artistic statement of the two mural backgrounds.  This information gathering process intends to intersect with:
    • The Richmond Public Schools community – students, teachers, parents, staff and alumni
    • Richmonders across the RVA, with special attention to the RVA Inter-Faith community
    • New Zealanders and Sri Lankans living in Virginia
    • Richmonders and Richmondites living in participating communities of Richmond around the world
  • Late December 2019 >>> Working through Plaza Art, ordering two large primed canvas banners (10 feet tall by 36 feet long) as well as two primed canvas rolls for the 7 foot letters (7 feet by 36 feet) for the two sets of 5 letters (P / E / A / C / E)
  • Mid January 2020 >>> A set of 2 letters (one for each banner) will be shipped to 5 different Richmonds that have agreed to orchestrate a signing event in their Richmond > The project is in the process of inviting the following Richmonds to participate and plan a signing event for their specific letters:
    • Richmond Yorkshire, UKP
    • Richmond upon Thames, UKE
    • Richmond California, USAA
    • Richmond British Columbia, CAC
    • Richmond, Victoria, AustraliaE
  • Mid January 2020 >>> Using the input gained from the ROTW Google Survey, RPS student artists and RVA mural artists will design two mural backgrounds around the outline of the 5 letters spelling PEACE
  • Late January 2020 >>> RPS student artists and RVA mural artists will collaborate to paint the mural background around the outline of the 5 letters for each of the 2 banners
  • Early February 2020 >>> Hopefully on the same day, the RVA and each of the 5 Richmonds will hold a signing event for A Piece of Peace where Richmonders will sign their name to both letters, each person then becoming a piece of peace for New Zealand and Sri Lanka, and ultimately for the global community of Richmond.  The RVA’s primary signing event will be in Libby Hill Park, home to the View that named the community Richmond, and anticipates thousands of Richmonders from the RVA signing the back of the banner.
    • Efforts will be made to involve as many other communities of Richmond around the world to host signing events and become a piece of peace.
  • Mid February 2020 >>> Signed letters sent back to Richmond VA where RVA artists assemble the two banners > Signatures from additional Richmonds will be sewn or incorporated in some way into the banners
  • March 1, 2020 >>> Finished banners shipped to friends in Richmond, Christchurch, New Zealand and at Richmond College, Galle, Sri Lanka who will share it with their communities of Richmond and then their respective countries of New Zealand and Sri Lanka, before sending the PEACE banners to other communities of Richmond around the world.


For more information contact:

Rick Tatnall, Richmonds of the World