A Piece of Peace

A PEACE project for the global Community of Richmond

A Piece of Peace Project Description as of 1/15/2020

The inaugural A Piece of Peace (APOP) project is designed to strengthen the connections between the 96 communities of Richmond around the world and formally debut the global concept called Richmonds of the World (ROTW).  The APOP project was initially inspired as a ROTW response to the tragic and related terror attacks last year in New Zealand (March 15th) and Sri Lanka (April 21st).  New Zealand and Sri Lanka are home to 3 of the 96 communities of Richmond around the world >> Richmond, Christchurch & Richmond, Nelson in New Zealand and Richmond Hill, Galle in Sri Lanka.  Over the months since the APOP project was first developed other Richmonds have seen the peace in their communities compromised by social and environmental threats, the most recent being the Australian wildfires that have devastated two communities of Richmond in New South Wales.  These continuing developments have made it quite apparent that the primary APOP goal of spreading PEACE must expand and include as many of the Richmonds as possible.

Physically, the APOP project involves the creation of a set of large banners, each featuring the word P E A C E surrounded by an artistic mural promoting peace and unity.  Banners will be created in Richmond, Virginia (RVA) and sent to as many of the 96 communities of Richmond as possible, starting with the 46 Richmonds large enough to have a secondary school – these schools will ultimately be the recipients of the PEACE banner.  Spiritually, the project involves thousands and thousands of Richmonders and Richmondites from the Richmonds of the world becoming a piece of peace by participating in this global cooperative effort, hopefully inspiring more cooperative efforts wrapped around PEACE.  Specifically RVA Richmonders will become a piece of peace by signing the back of the banners.  Richmonders and Richmondites from the Richmonds receiving a banner will become a piece of peace by signing the five letters spelling PEACE that will be left blank for that purpose.

From a timing perspective, the APOP project intends for the first set of banners to be created and shipped by the end of March 2020.  RVA youth leaders from the YMCA Of Greater Richmond, Richmond Public Schools and other community subsets will become project ambassadors, helping to coordinate and facilitate the creation of the banners and connecting to one of the other communities of Richmond.  Below is a link to a letter of support for the APOP project from US Senator Tim Kaine, Patron of Richmonds of the World:

Sen Kaine – A Piece of Peace

Logistically, the APOP project has the following schedule through March 31, 2020

  • January 2020 >>> Inspire, invest and involve a group of youth leaders from the RVA to each become an Ambassador to one of the 46 communities of Richmond and oversee the creation of a PEACE banner for their Richmond.
  • Early February 2020 >>> Obtain the blank primed banners through project patron Plaza Art, currently planned to be 7 feet tall and 20 feet long.
  • Mid February thru Mid March 2020 >>> Design and creation of the PEACE banners along with multiple events allowing Richmonders from the RVA to sign the back banners and become a piece of peace.
  • Late March 2020 >>> Banners will be shipped to their assigned community of Richmond

Financially, a Go Fund Me campaign has been created to raise the funds necessary for completing the project called A Piece of Peace for the Richmonds of the World.  Please consider supporting the APOP campaign and the related RichMUN 2020 initiative >>>> https://www.gofundme.com/f/a-piece-of-peace-for-the-richmonds-of-the-world


For more information contact:

Rick Tatnall, Richmonds of the World