3R2 Project

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The purpose of the 3R2 Project is to invest and involve Richmonders of all ages to become active participants in an ongoing community risk reduction effort designed to prevent fires and other emergencies from happening, while preparing citizens to properly respond if and when they do.  The 3R2 Project promotes action instead of reaction and espouses routine and responsible review.   The ultimate goal of the 3R2 Project is to foster a strong belief that community risk reduction is every responsible citizen’s concern and to provide a medium for Richmonders to act on that belief.  The 3R2 Project will achieve this goal by engaging a growing number of Richmonders as prevention specialists and by raising and nurturing all Richmond youth in a community risk reduction lifestyle that will become instinctual for them as adults.


For far too long, local public safety officials have struggled to invest and involve citizens to be more proactive in fire and overall emergency prevention and preparedness.  Unfortunately, apathy has set in as the average citizen is seemingly too busy to care about public safety or to prepare for emergencies.  This pervasive lack of interest has forced public safety officials to try to become marketing specialists and salespeople when it comes to prevention and preparedness, which is not comfortable for most and not what these professionals were trained to do.

The 3R2 Project intends to switch things up from the traditional attempts to engage and involve the community.  We are asking the Fire, EMS, Police and other public safety professionals in the City and throughout the region what they need and expect from citizens, and then we are going to give it to them by investing and involving Richmonders to see participation in the 3R2 Project as their civic duty.  3R2 recruitment efforts will highlight the direct relationship between community involvement and enhanced quality of life and offer a variety of tangible incentives to entice those who need a little extra motivation.

3R2 Project Description

The 3R2 Project will be operated as a membership organization open to Richmonders of all ages, and will be managed by Replenish Richmond LLC.  3R2 Membership is free and comes with a basic set of membership benefits.  Members have the opportunity to enhance their membership standing and associated member benefits through successful completion of various 3R2 fire prevention, emergency management and safety programs, under the supervision of public safety departments from across the Richmond Region.

The 3R2 Project promotes action instead of reaction and considers routine responsible review as the best way to prevent fire and other emergencies from ever happening:

  • Routine – A predefined regular schedule that is maintained without fail
  • Responsible – Involving personal accountability and comprehensive in nature
  • Review – An examination with an eye to correction