About Replenish Richmond

6 circles + Heart

Bringing a new state of consciousness to the Community of Richmond

Replenish Richmond promotes the power of intentionality which offers increased benefits to those who consistently use strategic planning as a core element of their efforts, whatever they may be.  When considering the science of people-based community development, intentionality and strategic planning are critical components to maintaining a truly scientific and successful process.  Once the whys of any endeavor have been defined, intentionality and strategic planning define a pathway of whats to achieve those whys.

Replenish Richmond – WHYS?
The big WHY behind the efforts and energies of Rick Tatnall and Replenish Richmond is the belief that in Richmond and across America citizens are not as invested and involved as they need to be to maintain a continually increased quality of life.  For the last several decades Richmonders and Americans have abdicated their collective citizenship responsibilities resulting in a continued lack of action that has manifested into today’s myriad of social and economic problems.  Lack of action and involvement also means that citizens are not benefiting from the most important element of community – Common Unity.  Common unity transcends arbitrary lines of division like politics, race, religion and economic status and aligns all of the citizens of a community in an effort to increase everyone’s quality of life.  Common unity is the strongest when citizens recognize that their personal quality of life is enhanced when they give back to their community.

America needs an example to follow – a community that uses the power of common unity to transform the lives of all its citizens.  Replenish Richmond intends for the Community of Richmond to be that example – an example for the Commonwealth, for the Nation, and for the world.  For this to happen the Community of Richmond must harnesses the common unity power of true regional pride and collaboration.  Towards that end Replenish Richmond has developed the Plan to Create a Proud and Unified Community of Richmond which intends to influence every Richmonder to feel a moral and practical responsibility to support their home community, Richmond.  The Proud and Unified Plan intends to connect all Richmonders with a common overarching vision offering every citizen the highest quality of life including a self-sufficient economy and a connected social and government service portfolio.  Then Richmond can help other communities do the same.

Replenish Richmond – WHATS?
The WHATS will be coordinated by Replenish Richmond LLC, founded by Rick Tatnall in 2010.  Replenish Richmond is a for-profit community development organization emphasizing the development of the people of the Community of Richmond, defined as the City and seven surrounding counties of Charles City, Chesterfield, Goochland, Hanover, Henrico, New Kent and Powhatan.  Replenish means “to fill or make complete again, add a new supply to” and Replenish Richmond intends to offer a never ending supply of energy and new ideas in support of the Community of Richmond.  Replenish also means “to inspire or nourish” and Replenish Richmond intends to inspire and nourish a stronger sense of community in all Richmonders, guiding them to become more invested and involved in their home, the Community of Richmond.  Replenish Richmond intends to connect with what is important in the hearts of each Richmonder, tapping into those interests to help everyone participate in building a proud and unified community.  Replenish Richmond intends for its efforts to intersect with all aspects of life in Richmond and will always strive to connect with the following six subsets:

  • Richmond’s Community
  • Richmond’s Creativity
  • Richmond’s Economy
  • Richmond’s Education
  • Richmond’s Environment
  • Richmond’s History

Replenish Richmond – HOW?
Replenish Richmond has developed the Plan to Create a Proud and Unified Community of Richmond to achieve its objectives.  This Plan intends to actualize the overwhelming power of common unity and emphasizes the six subsets defined above as common unity factors for the more than 1 million people who live in the Community of Richmond.  The Plan has twelve (12) planning strategies covering all major components of our community and intends to offer an overarching vision that every Richmonder can pledge allegiance to and support.

12 Planning Strategies

  1. Buy Richmond Strategy
  2. Community Service Database Strategy
  3. Community Transportation Strategy
  4. Creativity Strategy
  5. East End Strategy
  6. Environmental Stewardship Strategy
  7. James River Strategy
  8. Most Influential & Historic Community Strategy
  9. Non-Profit Capacity Building Strategy
  10. Nurture the Heart – Support the City Strategy
  11. Richmonds of the World Strategy
  12. Smart Growth Strategy

Replenish Richmond – WHEN?
Replenish Richmond believes that our current social framework – locally, nationally and globally – is broken and demands immediate and continued attention and action.  Our societal vehicle is spinning out of control and it is time to Slam the Brakes and change our direction – There is no time to waste!  Therefore we will continue to promote and expand the influence of the Plan to Create a Proud and Unified Community of Richmond in 2018 and will never let up.